Can’t copy and paste in Google Ads? Here’s a fix.

a screenshot of a computer showing copy and paste in google ads greyed out

Google Ads recently introduced a new design, but it’s not without its issues. A major bug is preventing users from copying and pasting ads, as once selected your ads, the options are just greyed out. If you can’t copy or paste ads in Google ads because the dialogue is greyed out, here’s what works for … Read more

How will SGE impact SEO for businesses and agencies

a screenshot of a Google's SGE results

March the 14th May 2024, Google finally dropped to the public the news we industry specialists knew since a couple years to come. The arrival of SGE (Generative AI Search Experience). In a nutshell, this means that the above the fold of most searches, in the future, will be served with AI-generated answers rich in … Read more

How to style Trustpilot widgets on your website

Image showing trustboxes to teach you How to style Trustpilot trust boxes on your website

While at Fuel LAB we absolutely recommend and endorse the usage of TrustpilotĀ® to boost your SEO signals and CRO (conversion rate optimization), being TrustpilotĀ® partners since a long time, we know about the pain of styling the trustboxes (or reviews widgets) on your website. It can be very frustrating; wether you use the official … Read more

Fixing Double DataLayer Pushes on Ecommerce Events because of eventModel

solution to avoid the recognition of double datalayer pushes

Here’s a typical problem in Shopify and Woocommerce configurations: in Google Tag Manager, you notice double datalayer pushes of ecommerce events, specifically “view_item”, “add_to_cart”, and “purchase” events. This pollutes your data, and it’s caused by the simultaneous presence of one app or plugin pushing GA4 DataLayer events, and another one pushing Google Shopping DataLayer events. … Read more

GTM & GA4 DataLayer Blueprints for Ecommerce Measurement

an image of the datalayer seen from the chrome web inspector

Here’s Fuel LAB‘s internal Data Layer blueprints designed for successful integration with the Google Marketing Platform. We use this daily as all of our integrations are done this way. This documentation covers all the DataLayer Push for GTM and GA4; the syntax is compatible with all the products of the Google Marketing Platform. This tracking … Read more

Performance Drop after Enabling Consent Mode V2

bing performance drop with consent mode

Many advertisers are reporting severe performance drops in ROAS, Conversions, CPA and AdSpend after switching to Consent Mode v2. We at Fuel LAB found ourselves in the same situation, and we got confirmation from Google on the reason why. What happens when you switch to Consent Mode When you switch your tags firing behavior to … Read more

Iubenda Consent Mode v2 Altering the Website Url

Lately we had a few issues, on a few websites, with the implementation of Iubenda Consent Mode v2 trough Google Tag Manager, using the Iubenda GTM template. I’ve just finished the call with Google’s Tech Rep, after this has escalated internally, and apparently this is something they never documented before. So, if your implementation of … Read more