How will SGE impact SEO for businesses and agencies

a screenshot of a Google's SGE results

March the 14th May 2024, Google finally dropped to the public the news we industry specialists knew since a couple years to come. The arrival of SGE (Generative AI Search Experience). In a nutshell, this means that the above the fold of most searches, in the future, will be served with AI-generated answers rich in … Read more

Case Study: E-commerce Organic Search Engineering

This Case Study focuses on the results obtained with Organic Search Engineering in two years in terms of Search Market Penetration, Organic Traffic Value and volume. Abstract The client is an emerging entity in the Digital Transaction Management and Technology industry. They covered both b2c (digital signature, certified communication..) and b2b (banking, insurance and digitalization … Read more

Organic Search Engineering

results of Pietro Mingotti's in SEO trough Organic Search Engineering

Organic Search Engineering (OSE) is a comprehensive and innovative approach to Search Engine Marketing that has been developed in Fuel LAB under the my guidance and design. What is O.S.E. (Organic Search Engineering) Organic Search Engineering (OSE) is an innovative approach to Search Engine Marketing I have refined and created at Fuel LABĀ®. The methodology … Read more