How to style Trustpilot widgets on your website

Image showing trustboxes to teach you How to style Trustpilot trust boxes on your website

While at Fuel LAB we absolutely recommend and endorse the usage of TrustpilotĀ® to boost your SEO signals and CRO (conversion rate optimization), being TrustpilotĀ® partners since a long time, we know about the pain of styling the trustboxes (or reviews widgets) on your website. It can be very frustrating; wether you use the official … Read more

Google Ads Image Extension Bug Fix

image of the google ads image extension bug window for loading assets into RSAs

Have you ever noticed the Google Ads Image Extension Bug where when you have more than a certain number of assets loaded, and you click on the “load more” button, it loads endlessly? There’s a quick solution to this fix, as I don’t feel like Google will react any soon about it. Reproducing the image … Read more

Fixing the looker studio no data result in data blends

Your charts are showing on looker studio “no data” after you’ve blended data, when one of the metrics reports 0 entries? Here’s the quick fix and an explanation for this behavior. The problem: blends with calculations show no data when one value is 0. Nothing is more frustrating than simple operations (such as adding hits … Read more