Google Ads Image Extension Bug Fix

Last updated on March 2nd, 2024 at 03:11 pm

Have you ever noticed the Google Ads Image Extension Bug where when you have more than a certain number of assets loaded, and you click on the “load more” button, it loads endlessly? There’s a quick solution to this fix, as I don’t feel like Google will react any soon about it.

Reproducing the image extension bug

This bug affects mainly RSA (Responsive Search Ads) in Google Ads, but may happen on other Google Ads dialog boxes when it’s time to load existing assets (as an example on Performance Max Campaigns). In Google ads, select one of your Responsive Search Ads, and click the tab to add images.

When you scroll down your existing media hub, and click on load more, the loading process gets stuck.

google ads image extension bug
Click on “new image” and start loading your assets. See the video gif below

Solving the bug by exiting the iFrame with cursor

This issue has to do with the fact that dialog box is loading content that is not in that window, like an iFrame does. I’ve not digged further in the technical aspects of how this feature is programmed, but to fix it, all you have to do is exit the tab with the curosr and hover on the “close” button, which is outside of that container and in the Google Ads interface container.

When you exit the hover state of the close button, the media will instantly load. Repeat as needed for further loading.

Video demonstration


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