Case Study: E-commerce Organic Search Engineering

This Case Study focuses on the results obtained with Organic Search Engineering in two years in terms of Search Market Penetration, Organic Traffic Value and volume.


The client is an emerging entity in the Digital Transaction Management and Technology industry. They covered both b2c (digital signature, certified communication..) and b2b (banking, insurance and digitalization of secured processes) services. Fuel LAB was assigned the goal to scale up e-commerce revenue exponentially both with performance advertising, and with the sustainability of organic search.

Two years later, the client is today recognized as “Large Tech Provider” by the Forrester Report, won the Aragon Research Innovation Award in 2022, and is nominated for the same award for 2023 and is recognized as business Exellence by Forbes.

This Case Study focuses on our approach and business impact on scaling up the E-commerce Revenue and Value Traffic acquisition trough Organic Search.

When we started getting involved in late 2020, The Client was facing several challenges to meet their goals, such as:

  • Existing strong competitors with full Market Saturations (InfoCert, Poste Italiane, Aruba..)
  • Virtual products with no visual or physical appeal, of which the target has little to none knowledge about in terms of use cases and functionality
  • Little to none pre-existing Performance Marketing experience and Search Traffic strategy, with over 20 websites to optimize and monetize.

Here’s how at Fuel LAB we have driven the scale up on e-commerce digital sales and value traffic acquisition.

Why Organic Search Engineering (O.S.E.)

Organic Search Engineering is the name of the practice designed by Pietro in Fuel LAB when developing Organic Traffic projects on a large scale. Click here for more informations on Organic Search Engineering.

The power of Organic Conversion Engineering and strategic volume growth trough Technical SEO projects have met and exceeded the goals set by the Client.

While at Fuel LAB we have entirely designed, organized and managed the Performance Search Engine Advertising, largely responsible of the whole e-commerce scale to success by generating significant Organic Search demand, focusing on Organic Search is a pivoting point of digital strategy for several reason, including but not only:

  • Strategic SEO and Technical SEO contribute to driving a consistent volume of highly converting traffic to the website, instead of merely focusing on volume, leading to a significant revenue impact.
  • Topical Authority and Top and Middle of the funnel search volume help to boost brand awareness, recognition, retention and coverage.
  • Increased search share saturation increases the user’s confidence and trust in the brand, scaling Conversion Rate also for other Traffic Acquisition Channels.

Our Organic Search acquisition strategy focused on acquiring constantly increasing volume of highly converting traffic to the website, instead of merely focusing on impressions volume.

This approach led to a yearly increasing volume of traffic from Organic Search with a significantly high revenue impact, while boosting the Brand Awareness and coverage thanks to Top of the funnel and Middle of the funnel queries.

Business Impact

Case Study data: February 2021 to February 2023.

Organic Search Saturation384.000/mo700.000/mo1.410.000/mo
Organic Search Volume40.410/mo100.000/mo133.000/mo
Organic Search Value€24.314/mo€50.000/mo€79.350/mo
Organic Share of Voice2%>5%7%
Top 3 position for non branded queries2050988
Through Organic Search Engineering, the client has moved to becoming a top competitor on Search Networks, scaling performance as follows:

  • Organic traffic acquisition +241.4%
  • Organic Search Value (e-commerce Revenue) +226.36 %
  • Search market saturation +297.2 %
  • First position keywords +4840.00 %

The client met and exceeded the goals set for Organic Search as a performance channel.

Furthermore, in the last two years it moved from a starting point of 78 Organic Keywords, to over 6.000 Organic Keywords. Moreover, the client moved from ranking top 3 position of page 1 for 20 search terms, to ranking for 988 search terms in top 3 position.

Worth of notice, is the fact that the highest value and volume from Organic Traffic is mostly entirely based on general queries, and not branded queries. This is of extreme strategic value.

Organic Traffic Volume growth: +231.4%

Organic Search Saturation and Volume

Start pointToday
Daily Search Impressions7.70159.799
Daily Traffic Volume1.2856.486
organic traffic growth namit 16mo

Organic Traffic Value growth & Ecommerce Impact: +226.36%

Organic Search Traffic e-commerce Value

Start pointToday
Organic e-commerce Revenue/mo€24.314/mo€79.350/mo
organic traffic ecomm value compared

First page, first positions ranking Keywords +4840.00%

Ranking of pages for number of indexed keywords / search queries

Start pointToday
Ranking 1-320988
Ranking 4-10202.472
Ranking 11-20382.619
Organic 1st Position Comparison 2021 2023
2 Organic 1st Position Comparison 2021 2023

Share of Voice and Search Market Share trough Technical SEO

Moved to top ranking entity, excluding Poste Italiane & Aruba

Start pointToday
Share of Voice0,3%7,3%
Traffic Share0,6%13%

In the last 2 years, when isolating the share of voice and the traffic share for 9 top competitors, the Client has reached the largest scale up in Average Position, and growing its Search Share Voice to 7,30% and its Traffic Share to 13%. This positions the client on top of all realistic competition, where the top 2 positions are occupied by “Poste” (the Italian governative entity) and “”, Aruba’s main domain (leading, solid player with highest investment in the market since over 10 years).

Here we can see how the Client has scaled its Share of Voice over all the competitors, excluding the brand giants “Poste Italiane” and “Aruba” (

Share of Voice amongst competitors

Share of Voice growth summary
Avg Position and Share of Voice Growth over Competition

Traffic Share amongst competitors

client search traffic share over competitors

Strategy and Approach

The first step in our workflow, was to determine a census of the active websites, understanding their role in the Company’s online presence and ecosystem, segmenting the monetization websites from the informative and lead generation ones (b2b and b2c).

The second step was the competition’s websites and strategy analysis, crawl, and content gaps identifications, as well as content overlap. This gave us a clear mapping of what the competition looked like, and where did the opportunities lie in order to scale rapidly the client’s key metrics.

This allowed us to identify which competitors we could have outranked in 2 years (InfoCert, Register, Lepida, Sielte), versus which competitors were positioned out of historical brand positioning, which will require large investments on mass media and more time to outrank (Poste Italiane and Aruba).

This helped us identify the major pain points and weak links in the chain of the competition’s tactics, such as:

  • Average Technical SEO implementation
  • Poor investment in internal and external linking
  • Weak tagging and technical analytics implementation
  • Slow and inconsistent content updates and Sitemap updates

While the client has been briefed and informed on the need to invest in a significant Entity based Topical Mapping and Content Clustering (leveraging Semantic Search Engine Content Engineering), a solid technical SEO plan, joined with a redesign of semantic page content and better linking logic, has in 2 years scaled significantly the company’s Organic Search results, as per the numbers shown.

In depth Data Documentation

We have focused on a Technical SEO Approach to offer maximum Search Engine crawlability, optimize Crawl Budget, and redesigning the entire internal and external linking policies.

Once the policies were in place, we have selectively optimized all the pages of the e-commerce, including product pages, category pages and dedicated Schema Markups and local+xml sitemaps.

Product Pages

1.72M impressions, 53K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions1.76816.700
Daily Sessions165786
Thanks to the Semantic Optimization, Technical on page SEO (involving primarily rich linking structure, link title best practices and proper heading tag policies and Meta Tags) and Schema Markup, product pages have scaled to the following success results:
product pages impressions clicks 16mo

Category Pages

381K impressions, 24.3K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions954.119
Daily Sessions7297

The same approach has been run for Category pages, which offer the opportunity to showcase more related products, and direct traffic to better search-intent-matching pages.

category pages impressions clicks 16mo

Non Branded Searches

7.96M impressions, 190K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions42138.685
Daily Sessions211.478

The vertical growth of the client share of search and organic traffic acquisition was scaled up especially for non branded keywords, thus opening the gates for enormous amount of new opportunities to turn visitors into new customers.

In the specific business vertical of this client, branded keywords have rarely transactional purchase intent, and are more often versed towards support necessities.

non branded search terms 16mo

E-commerce Product Vertical Queries volume growth

Product Family: Digital Identity

13.7M impressions, 1.09M sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions6.44050.914
Daily Sessions1.1535.866

The data shows the traffic volume over time for queries containing the word “SPID” and mispelling, trough regex .(spid|speed).

query matches spid

Product Family: Digital Signature

1.46M impressions, 67.8K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions4465.465
Daily Sessions17240
The data shows the traffic volume over time for queries containing the word “Firma” trough regex .firma..
query matches firma digitale

Product Family: Certified E Mail

4.81M impressions, 250K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions14423.409
Daily Sessions01.636

The data shows the traffic volume over time for queries containing the word “PEC”, trough regex .(pec|posta|mail|pecmail)..

query matches pec

Informational Queries growth

374K impressions, 6.35K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions532.373
Daily Sessions482

In growing the organic traffic volume, we have scaled up the client’s presence and reliability for Top and Middle of the funnel queries; here is a breakdown of informational (top of the funnel) search queries, isolated by who|what|when|how|why queries.

informational queries
informational query schema

Commercial Queries growth

56.5K impressions, 1.89K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions22211
Daily Sessions08

This chart shows the growth for commercial queries (Middle of the Funnel), isolated by best|top|vs|review

commercial queries
commercial queries schema

Transactional Queries growth

1.86M impressions, 81.7K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions1828.021
Daily Sessions19686

This chart shows the growth for transactional queries (Bottom of the Funnel), isolated by buy|cheap|price|purchase|order

transactional queries
transactional queries schema

Long Tail Keywords growth

362K impressions, 18.4K sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions4465.465
Daily Sessions17240

This chart filters search queries containing more than 4 words, thanks to the following regex applied to Google Search Console: (\w+\s){4,}\w+

4 words long tail keywords

Share of Voice and Traffic Market Share

Start pointToday
Share of Voice0,3%7,3%
Traffic Share0,6%13%

Share of Voice amongst competitors

Share of Voice growth summary
Avg Position and Share of Voice Growth over Competition

Traffic Share amongst competitors

client search traffic share over competitors

Total Domain Growth

53.7M impressions, 2.69M sessions

Start pointToday
Daily Impressions63.120269.873
Daily Sessions2.82215.987
While the rest of this Case Study focused on the and only the e-commerce website (while comparing to all subdomains for competitors), we have been working on several websites part of the client’s web ecosystem. Here’s the Search volume growth for the whole domain.
total domain growth 16mo

Organic Traffic Value

€ 1.5M

Start pointToday
Monthly Organic Revenue€ 24.197€ 68.776

The directly attributed Organic Traffic Value on the e-commerce have succeeded the expectations quickly, ramping up the average monthly organic traffic value from € 24.197 to € 68.776.

Monthly SEO traffic Value compared 2023 2021

This way, we brought Organic Traffic to represent 1/4 of the total Ecommerce Revenue for the tracked period (2 years), almost matching the value of paid traffic, reaching the directly attributed value of € 1.000.718. When considering indirect conversions and mixed-channels paths, Organic Traffic has surpassed the revenue of Paid Advertising, proving SEO’s and Organic Conversion Engineering as a primary and fundamental business asset for e-commerce websites.

2 Years result
Paid Traffic Revenue€ 1.422.045
Organic Traffic Revenue€ 1.000.718
Organic Traffic Indirect Revenue€ 1.515.348

Direct Attribution (last click)

impact of SEO on Ecomm Revenue

Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic Overlap in Conversion share

last click attribution and cross channel overlap

Assisted Conversions Organic Traffic added Value

assisted conversions organic traffic added value


While Fuel LAB has been responsible to the Digital Technical and Strategic Performance marketing, involving also Data Intelligence, Pay per Click Advertising, Social Media Advertising and Conversion Rate Optimization, Organic Search has represented one of the most interesting challenges, proving also in the case of a small player (in terms of digital presence) in an already established market, can significantly scale over competition and match up to paid traffic Ecommerce Revenue.

The main difference and value from an investment standpoint in Organic Search, is that traffic and results keep growing in time, offering a way lager ROI when compared to Paid Traffic, even in the field of Performance Marketing.

While traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often insufficient from an organic traffic value standpoint in today’s AI driven ranking and Search Engine evolution, the holistic approach of O.S.E. was proven capable of reaching these results with no backlink and digital PR strategy.

Additional Key Metrics

KPIStarting PointResult% Delta
Monthly Organic Search Value€ 24.197€ 68.776184.23%
Share of voice0,3 %7,3 %600.00%
Monthly Organic Search Saturation1,84 M6,04 M255,56%
Organic Product Pages Traffic3,15k12,8k306.35%
Monthly Organic Search Volume47k131k178.2%
Organic Non branded search14k73k371,23%
KPIStarting PointResult% Delta
Daily Organic Search Value€ 305,16€ 5.5511720.00%
Share of voice0,3 %7,3 %600.00%
Daily Organic Search Saturation18,7k72,5k300.00%
Daily Organic Product Pages Traffic170686303.53%
Daily Organic Search Volume3.5k15,9k354.29%
Daily Organic Non branded search6406.7k946.88%