Organic Search Engineering

Last updated on June 17th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

Organic Search Engineering (OSE) is a comprehensive and innovative approach to Search Engine Marketing that has been developed in Fuel LAB under the my guidance and design.

What is O.S.E. (Organic Search Engineering)

Organic Search Engineering (OSE) is an innovative approach to Search Engine Marketing I have refined and created at Fuel LAB®. The methodology utilizes a combination of technical SEO tactics and proprietary technologies, such as Conversion Engines, alongside a content strategy based on Semantic Entities and Topical Clustering, plus O.P.N (Other People’s Network) Digital PR and traditional Digital PR for backlink generation. This approach enhances four key areas for the client:

Topical Authority

By leveraging Semantic Entities and Topical Clustering, OSE aims to establish the client’s website as an authoritative and reliable source of information on their topic, satisfying Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines and complying with the Helpful Content Update. Projects are developed by the I.A.D. protocol (Isolate, Amplify, Deepen) developed in Fuel LAB®, focusing on three fundamental steps:

  • Isolate the website semantic entities
  • Amplify the topical authority with topical clustering
  • Deepen experience proofing with long form content + rich schema markups.
  • Powerful Social Proofing trough verified reviews
organic search engineering topical clustering and mapping table by Pietro Mingotti
Part of an Organic Search Engineering Project (80 lines of content total) displaying the way we organize content clustering.

Search Share Saturation

OSE aims to increase the client’s visibility in their niche market through a content plan based on Topical Authority and whitehat SERP bombing through Conversion Engines (conversion engines are technical SEO products we have been using on SERP since 2014, which can sustain up to 4.999 indexed pages per website).

It’s important to consider not only money pages and single indexed articles or content, even if their metrics are outstanding; sooner or later, the project will loose its rank. Every experienced SEO knows that there’s rarely such a thing as more than a couple quarters ranking first for a traffic worth keyword.

By amplifying the number of pages ranking for a wider coverage of main keywords and long tail keywords, outranking competitors is easier, and the higher SERP saturation delivers a strong Brand Awareness effect. All of this, concurs holistically to an increased Conversion Rate through Organic Search.

Search Market Penetration

OSE has proven to help clients expand into new markets by outranking well established competitors with poor Topical Authority. Be it because the market is a niche one and there aren’t many skilled competitors, or be it because of sleeping giants in the industry, leveraging their brand authority and overlooking the nitty gritty work on SERP, OSE pushes the website’s authority beyond the one of other well positioned websites.

We have observed this in several cases, included the one of the Case Study on Organic Search Engineering that we have published in 2023. The Case Study featured the success of the new kid in the block in the world of Digital Transaction Management, ramping to become an industry leader in 2 years, surpassing the stakeholders expectations and predictions.

traffic share and search market penetration results trough OSE (Organic Search Engineering)
Screenshot of our Organic Search Engineering Case Study, showing our project surpassing all of the competitors in top ranks, and most of the Share of Voice in search.

Increased Social Proofing and Trust

Trustpilot® is used as a CRO technique to strengthen user trust and confidence while improving Domain Rank through its Domain Authority. While Trustpilot® quality as a SaaS is undoubted and widely recognized, there are some technical aspects about it (SEO wise) that not everybody is aware of.

While there are several Case Studies proving how Trustpilot® is able to enhance conversion rate with impressive numbers thanks to their wonderful widgets and other features, it goes often silent the fact that while Google reviews are not verified, Trustpilot® one’s are, and Google knows it. In fact, Google officially recognizes Trustpilot’s Domain Rating, and displays rich snippets of the review stars directly in SERP; both on organic search, and both on RSAs (Responsive Search Ads).

By introducing direct links and Trustpilot’s owned widgets into the project, we have observed an enhanced and faster ranking for commercial and transactional queries, as the trust isn’t just increased in the users (which is fundamental for CRO), but also for the ranking system.

The A.P.A. Logic

Moreover, OSE is designed to help the client get more high-quality traffic to their website, resulting in increased conversions and organic revenue. The approach is a long-term strategy that has shown to provide sustainable results over time, based on Fuel LAB’s A.P.A Logic:

  • Assessment: Conducting an assessment of the business’s capabilities, product marketability, competitor landscape, and budget.
  • Analysis: Analyzing historical data, competitor strategies, and conducting topical and keyword analysis.
  • Planning: Developing a Traffic Funnel Strategy, Semantic Entities and Topical Mapping, Editorial and Backlink Profile Planning, Budgeting and Resource Scouting, Conversion Engine LTK Project Planning, and Analytics and Rank Tracking Planning.
  • Production: Producing pages design and creation, schema markups design and creation, on-site and on-page technical SEO, digital PR for backlink profile, analytics and rank tracking production, and dashboarding and reporting production.
  • Analysis: Analyzing results, content nurturing, new content production, isolating new topics and niches to cover further, and isolating optimizations and CRO to report.
  • Assessment: Reporting results every 3 months, measuring KPIs every 3 months, and producing a case study within 2 years.

O.S.E. is a comprehensive and effective approach to Holistic SEO that we have refined over time to help businesses establish themselves as authoritative and reliable sources of information, increase their visibility in niche markets, and drive high-quality traffic to their website with a power ROI driven approach.

To learn more about Organic Search Engineering, please visit Fuel LAB or request a meeting.